About Blue Sky Beekeeping

We breed exclusively Italian queen bees. Our aim is to produce a strong, productive bee that is active but not aggressive. All of our queen bees are open mated. We have a strict checking regime prior to sending any queen bees to ensure their quality. In the end, if we wouldn’t be happy to have a queen bee in one of our own hives we aren’t happy to have it in one of our customer’s hives.

We have extensive experience across all aspects of beekeeping both in New Zealand and overseas. We know what beekeepers are looking for in their hives and from their queen bees.

Our team takes great pleasure in providing a quality product and service to all of our clients, big or small.

Blue Sky Beekeeping

Why Choose Us

Blue Sky Beekeeping working with bees

Competitive Pricing

We produce high quality queen bees and feel that it is important to provide these at a competitive price.

Personal Service

We enjoy getting to know our customers and providing personal service and support to ensure you enjoy the best buying experience.

Any Order Quantity

We can fill orders for large commercial quantities and are also happy to provide queens for smaller businesses and hobby beekeepers.


Nick and the team at Blue Sky Beekeeping have been breeding Italian Queen Bees for 20+ years and provide a wealth of experience in their breeding and advice.

Quality Queens

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Italian Queen Bees. Our breeding stock has been developed over many years and generations.